Get to Know Some Uses of Singing Bowls


Singing bowls are said to be used primarily for meditation, relaxation and healing purposes. It is shaped like circular that functions like bells that can be played with a melodious sound. It is said to come from Tibet although some were seen to be played also in Nepal, India and Bhutan. These had been considered as sacred being used by Tibetan Llamas and was not known in existence until the Chinese invaded Tibet in the 1950's. After that time, the singing bowl's use has slowly spread and became more common in other cultures.

Singing bowls from are said to be traditionally manufactured from a mixture of seven metals, although most of the singing bowls sold in the market today are made from only three or five metals mixture. These bowls produce tones that are said to make one relax and create harmony between one's body and soul. It is experienced that when you place the ringing bowl on your body, the sound waves would reach every cell of your body and massages the cells as the sound passes through it. Sooner, your body would reach the state of complete relaxation. This so-called cellular massage is known to provide healing results to sick and damaged bodies. And its sound can give a relaxation effect while you are playing the bowl.

Playing the bowls from can be done in two methods, one is to strike it with a mallet, and the other way is to rub the bowl with a wooden stick to produce the continuous singing tones. Although the bowl will seem to sing for some time, you may repeat the striking action from time to time. There are also singing bowl therapists who can assist you in your particular meditation who can do the striking of the bowl while you relax.

Note that striking the bowl will make it resonate, while rubbing it will make it sing. The difference between a resonating and singing sound is simply the isolation of a one note. As you rub the rim of the bowl, several tones mingled together can be heard. A continuous rubbing will make some notes stand out until the other tones will fall away and you will be left with a pure and penetrating tone.

Singing bowls are already used in yoga classes as to begin and end the session. You can also use it for your own personal meditation.